Up and Down

“Up and down” narrates the story of the forgotten and ruined architecture of Bushehr’s old bazaar, a story of the diverse architecture of old upstairs and modern downstairs shops and boutiques. Sometimes I pass through the city but due to its crowdedness, I don’t pay attention to old upstairs shops. One late summer night of 1392, I was walking home alone. The city was not crowded. There was nothing to distract me. After a while I sat on a bench to rest. All of a sudden my eyes beheld the upstairs shops which had a different architecture from that of downstairs shop. I told myself “why I’ve never noticed this difference all these years?!” Indeed, why do we people look only in front of us? I wish we pondered more over things and observed them better and time to time looked at the sky.

Ali asghar Nasouri – September 2013